Day care



We will temporarily take care of children at childcare facilities due to reasons such as parents' employment, illness, childbirth, and refreshment from childcare.
Those who use temporary custody need to register in advance and make a reservation for the date of use at the facility they wish to use.Please contact the desired facility directly.


XNUMX. XNUMX.Available children
・ Being resident in Toyohashi City
・ Do not enter a certified child institution, nursery school, kindergarten, etc.
・ Preschool children over 6 months old


XNUMX. XNUMX.institution
(1)Ueda nursery school Phone 0532-25-2411
(2)Gokan nursery school Phone 0532-32-3225
(3)Higashiyama nursery school Phone 0532-41-5343
(4)Walnut nursery school Phone 0532-53-1528
(5)Children's Future Museum Phone 0532-21-5528

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Toyohashi City Childcare Division Phone 0532-51-2324
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