Postnatal care


After giving birth, you can receive postnatal support such as mental and physical care for mothers, breastfeeding guidance, and child-care consultation services at the maternity home or at home.


1. Target person
Those who apply to the following (1) to (4).
(1) Registered as a resident in Toyohashi City
(2) Not enough housework and childcare support from family
(3) I have physical and mental disorders and anxiety about child-rearing
(4) Within one year after giving birth


2. Service
・ There are accommodation type, day service type and outreach type.
・ You can receive physical care (body rest), mental care (child-care consultation service, mother's mental rest), and child-rearing care (bath, breastfeeding instruction).


XNUMX. XNUMX.Where to get service
・ Obstetric medical institution
・ Midwifery home


For details, please see our dedicated web page.




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