Divorce registration


Tell the city hall that you are going to divorce.


1. Application place
(1) Toyohashi City Hall West Building 1st Floor Citizen's Division
Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 8:30 am-5:15 pm
(2) Counter center


2. What to bring
Please take the following items and complete the procedure at the city hall.
(1) Divorce notification (you can get it at the city hall or window center)
(2) Signature stamp
(3) A copy of the family register (only for those whose registered domicile is not in Aichi Prefecture)
(4) My number card (only for those who change their surname)


3. Precautions
(1) The marriage registration must be signed by two people over the age of 20 as witnesses.
(2) When a person under the age of 20 gets married, the consent of the parents (adoptive parents) is required.
(3) In the case of marriage between foreign nationals, the method of divorce varies depending on the law of the home country.For more information, please check with the city hall or the embassy or consulate in Japan.


4. Request for non-acceptance of divorce report
This is a method to prevent a Japanese spouse from submitting a divorce report without permission.For more information, please contact the city hall.



For details, please see our dedicated web page.




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