Old-old medical insurance


This is a medical system for the elderly that can accommodate people over the age of 75.


1. Target person
I will join from the day of my 75th birthday.
You do not need to take any steps as it will be automatically subscribed. You will receive your health insurance card the month before your 75th birthday.


XNUMX, payment of insurance premiums
The amount of insurance premiums varies depending on your income.


3. Payment method
(1) Special collection (deducted from pension)
(2) Ordinary collection (pay by yourself using direct debit or payment slip)


4.65. People aged 74 to XNUMX with disabilities
People aged 65 to 74 with certain disabilities can also enter.If you would like to join, please apply.

(1) What you need
・ Disability certificate
・ The insurance card you are using now
・ (If it is not your application) Power of attorney and ID card of the person who comes to the procedure
(2) Application place
Toyohashi City Hall East Building 3rd Floor National Health Insurance Pension Section
Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 8:30 am to 5:15 pm


For details, please see our dedicated web page.


Contact us
Toyohashi City National Health Insurance and Pension Division Phone 0532-51-3132
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