After-school children's classroom (HOUKA GO KODOMO KYOUSHITSU)


There are places in school where you can leave your child.


1. School district with classrooms
Classrooms are open in XNUMX school districts (Kamo, Shimojo, Suse, Iwata, Ishinomaki, Tame) in Toyohashi City.Of these, only foreign children can enter the classrooms in the Iwata, Ishimaki, and Tamai school districts.In these three classrooms, you can mainly study Japanese.


2. Children who can leave
All elementary school students attending elementary schools in Toyohashi City.
⇒In addition to the after-school children's classroom, there are facilities where parents can leave their children after class if they are working.
I have. (All 96 locations in the city)




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