After School Children's Club (HOUKA GO JIDOU KURABU)


If parents are not at home for work, there is a place to leave their children after school lessons. (All 96 locations in the city)


1. Children who can leave
Elementary school students who do not have parents at home during the day due to work.


2. Time you can deposit
(1) Public facilities (facilities operated by Toyohashi City)
Monday-Friday: After class-6:7 pm Saturday: 30:6 am-XNUMX pm
School event transfer days, summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation: 7:45 am to 6:XNUMX pm
* It may be possible to extend the time.For more information, please consult your club.
(2) Private facility
The time varies depending on the club.Please check directly with each club.


3. Amount
(1) Public facilities (facilities operated by Toyohashi City)
Monthly fee of 1 yen per child (7,000 yen only in August).
If you want to extend the time, you need to add 30 to 1,000 yen every 2,000 minutes.
(2) Private facility
The amount varies depending on the club and grade.The monthly fee is about 2,500 to 10,000 yen.

If you meet certain conditions or use your siblings at the club, the price will be cheaper.For details, please check with Toyohashi City Hall Lifelong Learning Division or each club.



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