Maternal and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenkou Techo)



If you find out that your baby is hungry, get a pregnancy notification form from the hospital and apply for a Maternal and Child Health Handbook.We will consider a plan for childbirth together according to the situation of the pregnant woman so that she can get pregnant, give birth, and raise children with peace of mind.


1. Applicant
・ Pregnant women with resident registration in Toyohashi City
・ Pregnant women who have moved to Toyohashi City (apply for consultation ticket only)


2. Application place
(1)Toyohashi City Health Center (Hoippu) Children's Health Division (Hokenjo (Hoippu) Kodomo Hoken-ka)
Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 8:30 am-4:45 pm
(2)Children Miraikan here (COCONICO) * Reservation required
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (excluding the year-end and New Year holidays) 9:30 am-4: 45 pm


3. What to bring
・ Pregnancy notification form (get it at the hospital)
・ My number card
* For those who do not have an Individual Number Card, a notification card, resident's card and identity verification documents (resident card, etc.)


4. Foreign language version of Maternal and Child Health Handbook
There are Maternal and Child Health Handbooks in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog.If you wish, please consult when you receive the Maternal and Child Health Handbook.


5. People who moved to Toyohashi
We will change the consultation ticket so that you can receive maternal and child health services in Toyohashi City, so please apply after registering as a resident.


6. Interpreter
Toyohashi City Health Center (Hoippu) Children's Health Division
Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-3: 30 pm * Please call (0532-39-9188) in advance.
* There is no interpreter at "Children Miraikan Kokonoko".


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