-2023-Preschool begins


Preschool will begin in 2023.There are three locations: Iwata, Seibu, and Touyou.




◆ Target person ◆
Children with foreign roots, etc. who will enter a Japanese public elementary school in Toyohashi City in April 2024



◆ Iwata district ◆ Every Saturday
<Learning period> November 2023, 10 (Sat) -March 14, 2024 (Sat)
<Time> am9: 00-10: 00
<place>Iwata Housing Meeting House (Iwata Zyutaku Shukai Jo)
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◆ Western district (Seibu) ◆ Every Thursday
<Learning period> November 2023, 10 (Thursday) -March 12, 2024 (Thursday)
<Time> pm 7: 00-8: 00
<place>Toyohashi Seishounen Center Training Building 3rd Laboratory
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◆Touyou area (Touyou) ◆Every Saturday
<Learning period> November 2023, 10 (Sat) -March 14, 2024 (Sat)
<Time> pm 2: 00-3: 00
<place>Touyou Chiku Shimin Kan
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* Capacity is about 20 people in each place.
* The briefing session will be held together with the first class.




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Online applications are due by October 10th.

From October 10th, applications will be accepted by phone or at the counter.

(Telephone) 0532-51-2007

(Counter) Toyohashi City Hall 12F Multicultural Coexistence and International Affairs Division (Tabunka-kyosei/kokusaika)



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Toyohashi City Multicultural Co-International Division Phone 0532-51-2022
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