Resident tax exempt household support benefit Jyuminzei Hikazei Setai Sien Kyuufukin (70,000 yen)

We will provide 70,000 yen to households exempt from resident tax.



◆ Target person ◆

Households that were registered as residents in Toyohashi City on December 5, 12, and whose per capita resident tax for 1 is exempt from tax (including households on welfare)



◆ Payment amount ◆

1 yen/XNUMX household

*If you receive a 70,000 yen stipend from another municipality, you will not be able to receive the Toyohashi City stipend.



◆Benefit schedule (no application required)◆

Households that previously received the Resident Tax-Exempt Household Support Benefit (5 yen) by bank transfer and moved between June 6, 2 and December 5, 12. Household without

・We will send you a “Notification of Payment” by mail. (Shipped on January 6, 1)

・The payment will be made to the account into which the resident tax-exempt household support benefit (6 yen) was previously transferred. (Transfer starts on February 2, 9)

*If you would like to change the transfer destination, please call the Toyohashi City Call Center. 📞0532-26-2271

Then, please submit the following three items.

-Account registration notification form

・Identification documents (insurance card or residence card)

・Copy of new account information


◆Benefit schedule (application required)◆

Households in which all members of the household are exempt from per capita resident tax and have declared municipal tax for FY2020.

・A “payment requirements confirmation form” will be mailed to households that may be eligible for the payment. (Scheduled to ship on February 14, XNUMX)

・If you meet the payment requirements, please fill out the required information and return it using the return envelope.

*If you wish to have your payment transferred to a different account than the one written on your payment requirements confirmation form, you will need a copy of your passbook that shows your new account.


Households where there is a household member who has not filed a municipal tax return for 2020

・Application forms will be sent to households that may be eligible for the payment. (Scheduled to be shipped around mid-February 2020)

・If you meet the payment requirements listed in the "Pledge/Agreement" section on the back of the application form, please return it along with the required documents using the return envelope.



◆Households that may receive benefits if they apply◆

*As of December 2023, 12, all members of the household must be exempt from residence tax for 1.

・Households where the tax payer in the household died or went missing before December 2023, 12

・Households that divorced before December 2023, 12



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