① Vaccine reservation [2023 (Autumn)] From 6 months


Autumn COVID-2023 vaccinations with new coupons starting September 9, 20(September to December) starts.



◆ Target person ◆

People aged 19 months or older who have completed their first and second Covid-6 vaccinations



◆Period of inoculation◆

From April 2023, 9 to May 20, 2024



◆ Vaccine type ◆


*The types of vaccines that can be administered vary depending on age.



◆Inoculation interval◆

More than 3 months since the last vaccination

*Novavax is used at least 6 months after the previous vaccination.



◆ Coupon shipping schedule ◆

As the time for vaccination approaches, we will mail it to you in order.



◆ Reservation method ◆

People who are eligible for vaccination can make reservations.


1.Toyohashi City WEB reservation site

How to make a reservation online>


2.Call center


3.Call the hospital directly


4.Hospital reservation system



◆ Caution ◆

・For autumn COVID-19 vaccination (September to December),Only new coupons that say "R5 Fall Vaccination" can be used..All 20 old coupons cannot be used.


Toyohashi City New Corona Vaccine Call Center


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