I haven't received the coupon yet



If you haven't received your vaccination coupon yet, you may need to complete the procedure.

If you have ever been vaccinated against COVID-19, please have a record of when you were last vaccinated.

It takes two weeks for the vaccine coupon to arrive.



◆Examples of Eligible Persons◆ ・Those who have moved to Toyohashi City ・Those who have a resident card in Toyohashi City and have been vaccinated overseas ・Those who have not received the vaccination ticket even after the deadline has passed



◆ How to apply ◆

① Internet

1st and 2nd time (from 5 years old)

3rd time (from 5 years old)

4rd time (from 12 years old)

5rd time (from 12 years old)

Inoculation of infants



② Mail

Please mail items (XNUMX) to (XNUMX) below to this address.

441 Nakano, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi City, 8539-100 Toyohashi City Health Center To Infectious Disease Control Office


(1)Application form

(XNUMX) A copy of an identification card (with the address written on the resident card)

Example: driver's license, residence card, my number card

(19) A copy of the COVID-XNUMX vaccine coupons that have been vaccinated so far (Mother and Child Health Handbook for children)



③ Window

come here

 〒441-8539 100 Nakahara, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi Toyohashi Public Health Center XNUMXF Health Policy Division


Coupons for COVID-19 vaccines that have been vaccinated so far (Maternal and Child Health Handbook for children)


Toyohashi City New Corona Vaccine Call Center


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