① Make a reservation for the vaccine [4rd time]



The fourth inoculation of COVID-19 will begin.



* This page is about the XNUMXth inoculation.
Click here for the first and second reservation methods

Click here for the third reservation method




◆ Target person ◆
① Those over 60 years old
(18) Persons aged 59 to XNUMX who have an underlying illness or have been diagnosed by a doctor at risk of becoming severe

* It is necessary that 5 months have passed since the XNUMXrd inoculation.



◆ Vaccine type and inoculation place ◆

1. Medical institution (Pfizer) in Toyohashi city

2. Medical institutions in Toyohashi City, mass inoculation venue (Moderna)



◆ About coupons ◆

① If you are over 60 years oldNo application requiredis. Five months after the third vaccination, Toyohashi City will send you a coupon.

② If you are 18 to 59 years old, you can apply必要.



◆ How to apply for a coupon (18-59 years old) ◆

When applying, please have your third vaccinated coupon ready.


1.Call center (Portuguese, English, Spanish interpreters available)





3. Window

Health Center / Insurance Center (HOIPPU)

Please go to the Health Policy Division on the 441nd floor of Toyohashi City Health Center, 8539 Nakano, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi City, 100-XNUMX.


4. Mail

Application formPlease send to the address below.

441 Nakano, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi City, 8539-100 Toyohashi City Health Center To Infectious Disease Control Office



◆ How to make a reservation for vaccination ◆
1,Call center (Portuguese, English, Spanish interpreters available)


2,Toyohashi City WEB reservation site


How to make a reservation online>


XNUMX. Make a reservation directly by medical institution system or telephone




Click here for information on COVID-19 vaccination in Toyohashi City ↓ (Move to Toyohashi City website)


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