COVID-19 mass vaccination appointment



About mass vaccination of COVID-19.


◆ Target person ◆

Those over 3 years old who have the 4rd and XNUMXth vaccination tickets of Toyohashi City



◆ Location ◆

Health Center / Health Center (HOIPPU)
100 Nakahara, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi-shi
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◆ Date and time ◆

PDF file opens



◆ Vaccine type ◆


* Even if the first, second, and third vaccinations are Pfizer, you can inoculate the fourth vaccination with Moderna.



◆ Reservation method ◆

Toyohashi City WEB reservation site

(Go to external web page)

-How to use the WEB reservation site


Call center


◆ About vaccination ◆

How to make a third reservation

How to make a third reservation



Toyohashi City Health Center (HOIPPU) Infectious Disease Control Office 📞0532-39-9112


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