How to apply for a vaccine passport


There are two types of Vaccine Passport: an electronic version (app) and a paper version.Those who do not have a My Number Card cannot obtain the electronic version.



◆ Acquire in the electronic version (app) ◆

Dedicated app (iOS-Android) and use your My Number Card to download.


<Things necessary>

XNUMX. My number card

4, PIN (XNUMX-digit number decided when applying for My Number Card)

XNUMX. Electronic terminal that can read My Number Card

XNUMX, Dedicated app (iOS-Android



◆Acquire in paper version◆

Please mail items XNUMX to XNUMX below to this address.
〒441-8539 XNUMX Nakahara, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi City, Toyohashi Public Health Center, Infectious Disease Control Office Kansensho Taisaku-shitsu


1,Application form
* Move to the city website
XNUMX. A copy of your passport
XNUMX. Copy of vaccine coupon
XNUMX. Copy of identity verification documents (residence card, driver's license, insurance card, etc.)

XNUMX. Return envelope (Please write your address and put a stamp on it.)


* If your passport has your maiden name or alias, you will also need a document (driver's license, etc.) to confirm your maiden name or alias.

* If an agent (including family members) appliespower of attorney(* Move to the city's WEB site) is required.



◆Get a paper version at a convenience store◆

You can get a vaccine passport at a convenience store using your My Number Card.Those who can obtain it at convenience stores are those who fall under XNUMX and XNUMX below.


XNUMX. Those who have a My Number Card

2022. Have obtained a Watin Passport after July 7, 21


◆Issuance fee◆

1 piece / 120 yen


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Toyohashi City New Corona Vaccine Call Center


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