① Vaccine reservation [4 months to XNUMX years old]


Children aged 6 months to 4 years can now also receive the COVID-19 vaccine.



◆ Target person ◆

Children 6 months to 4 years old



◆ Vaccine type ◆

Pfizer (for infants)



・From the first vaccination3 weeks laterYou can inoculate the second time. from the second inoculation8 weeks laterYou can inoculate the third time.



◆ Coupon mailing date ◆

From Friday, October 2022, 11

Coupons will be sent in order when the time for children to be vaccinated approaches.



◆ Reservation method ◆

You can make a reservation from the person who received the coupon.


1.Toyohashi City WEB reservation site

How to make a reservation online>


2.Call center


3. Call the hospital directly / make a reservation through the hospital's reservation system

Children's hospital where vaccination is available



◆ What to bring ◆


・Mother and Child Handbook (Boshi-techo)

・Identification documents (residence card or health insurance card)



◆ Caution ◆

No vaccinations other than the flu vaccine are allowed for 19 weeks before and after the COVID-2 vaccination.



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