Distribution of products


In Toyohashi City, in order to support the activities of women who are suffering from various reasons such as economic reasons due to the influence of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the city's consultation window etc. Free distribution of chemicals


1. Target person
A woman living in Toyohashi City, where it is difficult to purchase physical supplies


2. Distribution period
From May XNUMXth (Sunday), XNUMXrd year of Reiwa * It will end as soon as it runs out.


3. What to distribute
Bag for use (26 pieces per bag) XNUMX bag per person
* Number of planned distributions: Approximately 1,500 bags


4. Distribution location
City Hall Life Welfare Division (East Building XNUMXst floor)
City Hall Child Care Support Division (East Building XNUMXnd floor)
City Hall City Collaborative Promotion Division (XNUMXth floor of the building)
City Hall Multidisciplinary Co-existence / International Affairs Division (East Building 12th floor)
Children's Youth Comprehensive Consultation Support Center
Health Center / Health Center Children's Health Division
Men's Joint Participation Center (in Life Port Toyohashi)
Toyohashi City Council of Social Welfare (inside the General Welfare Center)
Toyohashi International Association (inside the development building)
NPO ABT Toyohashi Brazil Association (Mr. Nakaiwa)


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