Tax payment consultation


〇 Tax payment consultation
If it becomes difficult to pay the tax by the due date due to an unexpected event such as a disaster, theft, illness, or unemployment, you can pay the tax in installments or extend the payment period. ..If you have any questions about tax payment, please come to the tax payment section on the XNUMXnd floor of the West Building of the City Hall.


〇Please pay the tax within the due date.
If you do not pay the tax on time, you may incur late payments.If you do not pay the tax period, you will be subject to delinquent payments such as seizure of property such as salary and assets.


〇 Postponement of tax payment due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection
Taxes must be paid by the due date, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, self-employed businesses can no longer be continued, and the company has instructed them to wait at home, resulting in a significant decrease in salary. If certain requirements are met, there is a system to postpone the collection of city tax.


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