What should I do with a coupon when I move to Toyohashi City?


You need to get a coupon for Toyohashi City.

Those who moved to Toyohashi City after April 2023, 4 do not need to apply.



◆ How to apply ◆

InternetApply from



Call the Vaccine Call Centerand apply



③ Apply by mail

Application formPlease mail to the address below.

441 Nakano, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi City, 8539-100 Toyohashi City Health Center To Infectious Disease Control Office

Toyohashi-shi Nakano-cho Aza Nakahara 100 Banchi
Toyohashi Hokenjo, Kansensho Taisaku-shitsu



④ Apply at the window

Please come here with a coupon from the municipality where you lived before.

〒441-8539 100 Nakahara, Nakanocho, Toyohashi City Toyohashi Public Health Center XNUMXF Infectious Disease Control Room



● Toyohashi City New Corona Vaccine Call Center

About the call center

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