To prevent the spread of COVID-19


Recently, COVID-19 has spread again.



◆ Thorough infection prevention ◆
To prevent infection, please observe the following.


① Use a mask
② Wash your hands frequently with soap
③ Keep a distance from people
④ Ventilate



◆ If you become a positive person ◆
If you become a positive person, please refer to here. (Moved to Toyohashi City website)




The above link uses an automatic translation service.Use these translations as a guide.

◆ Consultation dial ◆
Please refer to here for consultation about COVID-19.


・ About the third vaccination ⇒
Call center (Portuguese, English, Spanish interpreters available)



・ Those who have concerns about their health ⇒
Toyohashi City Health Center 📞0532-39-9119
<Opening time> Every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
* Telephone support only at night


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