① Make a reservation for the vaccine [3rd time]




* This page is about the third inoculation.
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The third dose of COVID-19 vaccine will begin.



◆ Target person ◆
・ People who have completed the second vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine
・ People over 12 years old



◆ Vaccine type ◆
Pfizer / Moderna



◆ About coupons ◆
We will send them in order according to the time when the third inoculation becomes possible.
The estimated shipping date is as follows.


[12 years old and over] 2 months after the second inoculation


Shipping schedule


* If you do not receive the coupon,Call centerPlease call (📞0570-09-5670).



◆ Inoculation place ◆
1. Medical institutions in Toyohashi city


2. Mass inoculation venue


◆ Reservation method ◆
1,Call center (Portuguese, English, Spanish interpreters available)


2,Toyohashi City WEB reservation site


How to make a reservation online>


XNUMX. Make a reservation directly by medical institution system or telephone




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