How to apply for a vaccine passport


An application is required to receive a vaccine passport.


What is a vaccine passport?


◆ People who can apply for a vaccine passport ◆
People who have been vaccinated using coupons issued by Toyohashi City



◆ Items required for application ◆
1,Application form
* Move to the city website
XNUMX. A copy of your passport
XNUMX. Copy of vaccine coupon
XNUMX. Copy of identity verification documents (residence card, driver's license, insurance card, etc.)


* If your passport has your maiden name or alias, you will also need a document (driver's license, etc.) to confirm your maiden name or alias.


* If an agent (including family members) appliespower of attorney(* Move to the city's WEB site) is required.



◆ How to apply ◆
Please mail items XNUMX to XNUMX above to this address.
・ Application "Kansensho Taisaku-shitsu, Infectious Disease Control Office, 441 Health Center / Health Center, Nakano-cho, Toyohashi City, 8539-XNUMX"



◆ Other ◆
・It takes XNUMX-XNUMX weeks to issue a vaccine coupon after application.

・About electronic certificate (smartphone application) here



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