① Make a reservation for the vaccine [1,2rd time]





* This page is about the first and second inoculations.
Click here for the third reservation method

Click here for the 4th reservation method


You need to make an appointment to get the vaccine.


◆ Reservation method ◆
① Call the hospital directly


WEB reservation system
* Redirect to external web page


-Web reservation method
* Redirect to external web page


Call center (Portuguese, English, Spanish interpreters available)



* Please check the latest availability on the WEB reservation system, hospitals, and call centers.


How to check availability on the WEB reservation system
* Go to an external site




◆ How to inoculate outside the place where there is a resident card (inoculation outside the address, Jusho-chi-gai Sesshu) ◆



◆ When inoculating at the company ◆
Ask your company directly about the date of inoculation.



Vaccination flow


Toyohashi City New Corona Vaccine Call Center

About the call center

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