Abolition of National Health Insurance Card and use of My Number Card as insurance card


From December 2024, 12, new National Health Insurance cards will no longer be issued (*).

From now on, please use your My Number Card as your insurance card instead of your insurance card.
Registration is required to use your My Number Card as an insurance card. If you have not applied for a My Number Card or registered it as an insurance card, please click here ↓↓


◆How to apply for my number card◆


◆How to register my number card as an insurance card◆
・Use the "Registration Support Corner" in the Citizens' Division on the 1st floor of the West Building of Toyohashi City Hall to register with a staff member.
・Use the card reader at the reception desk at medical institutions and pharmacies.
・Use Seven Bank ATM.
・Register from Mynaportal using a smartphone that can read My Number cards or a computer equipped with a card reader.

To register, you will need your My Number Card and the 4-digit PIN you created when you applied for your My Number Card.


<Advantages of using my number card as an insurance card>

・Payments that exceed the maximum amount for high-cost medical care will be exempted without any procedures.Payments that exceed the maximum amount for high-cost medical treatment will be exempted at the counter of a medical institution, etc., without having to go through procedures such as obtaining a certificate of application of the maximum amount. .
・Medical costs can be reduced by 20 yen
Compared to a paper insurance card, you can save 4 to 6 yen on medical expenses paid at a medical institution.
・You can receive better medical care
Since you will be able to see past medication information and health checkup results, you will be able to estimate your physical condition and other illnesses and use them for treatment.
You may also be able to have your medications adjusted and their dosages adjusted.


◆Frequently asked questions◆
・Is my number card safe?
The IC chip of the My Number card does not contain insurance card information or medical information itself. In case of loss or theft, you can temporarily suspend use at any time. If the PIN is entered incorrectly a certain number of times, the function will be locked. There is also a mechanism that destroys the chip if an unauthorized attempt is made to read the information.

・How do I apply at a medical institution?
This is done using a card reader with facial recognition. Reception begins when you place your My Number card on the card reader. Follow the instructions on the screen.

・Are there any procedures required when changing from company health insurance to national health insurance or from national health insurance to company health insurance?
Even if you can now use your My Number Card as an insurance card, you will still need to go through the procedures to switch your insurance. If your health insurance coverage changes due to employment, retirement, moving, etc., please remember to complete the necessary procedures.


*・A National Health Insurance card that is valid as of December 2024, 12 can be used after December 2024, 12 until it expires. However, if the subscriber's information changes due to relocation or household separation, the card will no longer be usable even if it has not expired.
・After December 2024, 12, those who have not registered their My Number Card as an insurance card will be issued with a "Certification of Eligibility" without the need to apply before their National Health Insurance Card expires. will be done. By presenting the "Eligibility Confirmation" at the reception desk of a medical institution, etc., you can receive medical care in the same way as if you had presented your insurance card.


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