How to call a fire engine / ambulance (How to call 119)



Even if you don't speak Japanese, you can call a fire engine or ambulance.



There is an interpreter, so please call "XNUMX" first.



◆ 24-hour language ◆
・ Chinese


Other languages ​​(Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Nepali, Thai) are not available 24 hours a day.If you have an interpreter when you call, you can connect.



◆ How to call a fire engine / ambulance ◆

XNUMX. Tell them that you want to talk to an interpreter.
Example: "Please translate Portuguese / English / Tagalog / Chinese (Porutogarugo / Eigo / Tagalogugo / Chuugokugo no tsuuyaku onegaishimasu)"


XNUMX. Wait until you are connected to an interpreter.
* It will take some time to connect the phone to the interpreter.Please wait without hanging up while the music on hold (Shibaraku Omachi-kudasai) is ringing.


XNUMX. When the interpreter answers the phone, tell us what you need to do.


◆ When you call 119, you will be asked ◆
XNUMX. Is it a fire?Is it an emergency?


XNUMX. Please tell me where the fire engine (ambulance) is heading.Are there any landmarks such as stations and parks nearby?


XNUMX. Who (what) did?


XNUMX.Please tell me your name.



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