Evacuation flow (storm and flood damage)


The government will issue evacuation information for the safety of citizens when a big typhoon comes or heavy rain is expected. Be aware that you will protect your own life.


1. Instructions for evacuating * Click to open the PDF file.


2. Evacuation flow
When floods, landslides, storm surges, etc. occur and damage is expected to occur, the government will issue evacuation information.Please ensure safety according to the evacuation information.If you do not have time to evacuate safely to the designated evacuation center, take actions to protect yourself, such as evacuating to a high place in the building.


3. Designated shelter
When evacuating to a shelter, be sure to ensure your safety.It is useful to check the evacuation center in advance and decide the evacuation route.


Contact Toyohashi City Hall Disaster Prevention Equipment Management Division Phone 0532-51-3116
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