Taxation certificate (KAZEI SHOMEI) / Tax payment certificate (NOUZEI SYOUMEI)


The taxation certificate describes the amount of residence tax required for proof of income.It is a document to prove the income of a sole proprietor who does not receive the "Gensen Choushuu-hyou" received from a company.
The tax payment certificate is a document certifying the payment status of the taxable amount of residence tax.


You may need it when you renew your status of residence



1. Those who can apply
Relatives of the same household as the person who wants the certificate
(*) When a person who has moved out of the city and is in the same household applies, it is necessary to prove that they are in the same household with a resident card, etc.




2. Acquisition method
(1) Window application
Apply by filling out the application form at the Property Tax Division on the XNUMXnd floor of the East Building of the city hall or at the counter center near you.If an application by an agent is required, a power of attorney and an identity verification document (* XNUMX) of the agent are required.


A. Application place
-Toyohashi City Hall East Building XNUMXnd Floor Property Tax Division
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8: 17-XNUMX: XNUMX (Monday-Friday)
* You can get it on Saturday and Sunday.To the property tax section in advance
Please call (0532-51-2229).


・ Counter center
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8: 30-17: 15 (Monday-Friday)


B. What you need
・ Application form
- Personal identification documents
・ Fee 200 yen / mail (XNUMX mail per year)
・ (In the case of proxy application) Power of attorney
・ (In the case of proxy application) Identity verification documents for the proxy (* 1)


(2) Mail application
If you cannot go to the city hall due to circumstances, you can put what you need in an envelope and apply by mail.


A. What you need
・ Application form
・ A copy of the applicant's identity verification document (* 1)
・ Reply envelope with stamp attached (please attach stamp)
・ Fixed-amount postal small exchange 200 yen / mail (XNUMX mail per year)


(* 1) Identity verification documents
Driver's license, Individual Number Card, Residence Card (Zairyu Card), Passport, Juki Card (with photo)
Disability certificate / nursing certificate


For details, please see our dedicated web page.




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