Final tax return (Kakutei Shinkoku)


A final tax return is a series of procedures for calculating the amount of income for one year and income tax for it, submitting the final tax return by the filing deadline, and clearing it.


〇 Target for final tax return
・ People who have their own company or shop and have business income (individual business owner or person who owns a shop)
・ People who have not received year-end adjustments from the company
・ People who have income other than salary income from the company


Those who are withholding tax (income tax is deducted) when they receive salary from the company do not need to file a tax return, but the following people do.
・ People who have been hospitalized or treated due to illness or injury and want to receive a medical expense deduction
・ A company employee who received a mortgage
・ A company employee who paid income tax by tax withholding and retired in the middle of the year


〇Flow of final tax return
(1) Preparation of documents required for filing
Documents required to prepare a final tax return (documents certifying income, receipts for medical expenses, etc.) are summarized.
(2) Preparation and submission of final tax returns, etc.
Enter the required information on the final tax return from the required documents.Once the documents are complete, submit them to the tax office.
(3) Tax payment / refund procedures
As a result of the calculation, if you need to pay the tax, we will pay the tax by the deadline.If you want to receive a refund, apply within XNUMX years.


〇 Tax counseling for foreigners
In November and February, we will hold a tax consultation meeting in Portuguese and Tagalog.
Details will be announced again.


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