Tax overview


1. Tax overview
Taxes can be broadly divided into national taxes paid to the national government and local taxes paid to Aichi Prefecture and Toyohashi City.Income tax is a typical national tax, and inhabitant tax, property tax, and automobile tax are typical local taxes.People living in Japan, even if they are foreign nationals, have to pay taxes in the same way as Japanese people.


2. Resident tax (Jumin-Zei) / City / prefectural tax (Shi / Kenmin-Zei)
City / prefectural tax is a tax paid to municipalities with resident registration as of January XNUMX.This is taxed according to the previous year's income.You must declare your previous year's income by March XNUMXth each year.


However, the following persons do not need to declare.
(1) Persons who have only salary income during the previous year and whose employer has submitted a salary payment report to the municipality
(2) Persons who make year-end adjustments at work
(3) Person who submitted the final income tax return to the tax office


Those who have not paid by deduction from their salary will have to apply for fund transfer or take the payment slip to a financial institution or convenience store and pay it by themselves.


3. Income tax (Syotoku-Zei)
Those who earn income from work etc. need to pay income tax.There are two ways to pay income tax: the company deducts income tax from salary (tax withholding) and the income tax for one year is calculated and paid (tax return).A tax return is to calculate the income earned during the year from January to December and submit the tax return to the tax office.If you file a tax return, you may be required to pay or refund your income tax.


4. National Health Insurance Tax (Kokumin Kenkou-Hoken)

Those who have a resident card in Toyohashi City will join Toyohashi City's National Health Insurance. (People covered by workplace health insurance such as social insurance are excluded.)
National health insurance tax is levied according to the income of the previous year.With this system, if you get sick or injured, you can receive medical care with peace of mind at a small cost.In principle, the payment method is direct debit.


5. Other taxes
In addition, there are consumption tax that is levied when purchasing goods and services, property tax that is levied on land, houses, and depreciable assets, and light vehicle tax that is levied when acquiring a light vehicle.


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