Emergency listings and equipment preparation


It is an item that you want to prepare for living on your own until the disaster response headquarters is established and supplies are supplied.Please note that your belongings will change depending on your family structure.


□ Food and drinking water for 3 days or more (about 1 week as much as possible) for the family
□ Passbook, seal, cash (coins)
□ Helmet, disaster prevention hood, athletic shoes
□ A copy of your health insurance card, driver's license, and certificate of title
□ Radio and light (spare battery)
□ Photo of the person and family (latest)
□ Mobile phones (other internet terminals) and chargers
□ Writing utensils (including oil-based pens)
□ Blankets, sleeping bags, simple blankets
□ Work gloves (leather gloves), mask
□ Whistle
□ First aid, regular medicine, copy of prescription
□ Sanitary products (toothpaste, etc.), sanitary products
□ Tissues, wet wipes, disinfectant alcohol
□ Towels, underwear
□ Knife, can opener, match, lighter
□ Spare glasses, contact lens cleaning solution
□ Thermometer


[Family with elderly people]
□ Food products (jelly drinks, etc.)
□ Diapers, paper pants, etc.
□ Spare equipment (such as a can)
□ Medicines for chronic diseases
□ Oral cleaning solution / denture cleaning agent
□ Contact information for people close to you
□ Enter your identity


[Family with infants]
□ Milk, baby bottles, baby food, etc.
□ Wiping diapers and buttocks
□ Baby soap
□ piggyback straps and toys
□ Gauze / bleached
□ Food allergy list
□ Mother and Child Health Handbook


[Family with pregnant women]
□ Cotton wool
□ Gauze
□ Newborn baby products
□ Rubbing alcohol
□ Mother and Child Health Handbook
□ Clean towels, etc.


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