How to dispose of garbage / separation



1. Let's put it out on the designated day.

2. Let's put it out by XNUMX:XNUMX am from sunrise on the collection day.

3. Let's put it out at the garbage station decided in the area.

4. Put it in the carry-out bag specified for each type of garbage, and tie the mouth of the bag to take it out.



● You can find out how to dispose of garbage and how to separate it in the household waste guidebook.Paper media are distributed at Toyohashi City Zero Carbon City Promotion Division (West Building 5th floor), Multicultural Coexistence and International Division (East Building 12th floor).


〇Household waste guidebook * Move to the city website










● We also recommend the garbage separation promotion app "San-Aru", which you can easily check with your smartphone!You can search for notification of the day of garbage disposal and sorting of garbage.You can also check the garbage removal facility.


〇 Garbage separation promotion app "Sana-ru* Move to the city website

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