2023/12/01 List of emergency medical facilities in January 2023/10/05 You can receive medical expenses for children up to the age of 18. 2023/09/07 For those who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 2023/08/25 Japanese class in Toyohashi city 2023/10/03 ① Vaccine reservation [2023 (Autumn)] From 6 months 2023/06/05 Disaster victim certificate (Risai Shoumeisho) 2023/06/05 Evacuation information due to heavy rain 2023/05/17 2023 Child-rearing household life support special benefit (Kosodate-setai Seikatsu Shien Tokubetsu Kyuufukin) 2023/05/12 Mass vaccination against COVID-19 (Spring 2023) 2023/10/03 -2023-Preschool begins 2023/02/01 Childbirth and childcare support benefits (Shussan/Kosodate Ouen Kyuufukin) 2022/11/16 Infant COVID-19 vaccination begins 2022/10/26 COVID-4 vaccine for Omicron strain (BA.5-19) 2021/01/28 To prevent the spread of COVID-19 2023/03/03 School support 2023/08/29 Toyohashi City New Corona Vaccine Call Center 2023/10/03 COVID-19 pre-examination ticket 2022/01/25 When you take a day off from work due to a day off from an elementary school (subsidy for elementary school leave, etc.)